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couple driving during 100 deadliest days period in Florida
Summer’s 100 Deadliest Days: What You Need to Know to Stay Safe

Sweet summertime. There’s no question people look forward to warmer weather, outdoor fun, road trips, and more this time of year. Unfortunately, some don’t realize that more activity leads to more people on the road, especially in the Daytona Beach area. Because of this, car accidents and personal injuries tend…

10, June, 2021 Read More
zimmet car accident
Orlando Car Accidents: Do You Know What to Do?

Today, the Sunshine State is home to more than 14.6 million licensed drivers. Each year the state welcomes more than 131 million tourists to the area. One of the most popular destinations for visitors to the state is Orlando. Along with having a population of over 280K, the Orlando area…

03, June, 2021 Read More
mediation during a Florida personal injury lawsuit
Trial vs. Mediation in a Florida Personal Injury Lawsuit

Nationwide, about 80-92% of personal injury claims are settled rather than tried in court. However, when the plaintiff and the at-fault party’s insurance provider can’t reach a settlement through negotiation, mediation and litigation are the only options left. Whether your case is settled through mediation or tried in court, it’s…

28, May, 2021 Read More
7 Common Reasons for Florida Car Accidents
7 Common Reasons for Florida Car Accidents

Florida is one of the most dangerous states for road users. Whether you are a pedestrian, cyclist, bicyclist, or driver, getting involved in a crash is not unlikely as thousands of accidents happen every year. According to the Department of Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, Florida reported 400,863 crashes…

28, May, 2021 Read More
Daytona Beach injury lawyer drafting a spoliation letter
What is a Spoliation Letter in a Florida Personal Injury Case?

Anyone who sustains injuries through an accident resulting from another person's negligence is legally eligible to pursue compensation. However, getting compensation is not always straightforward and may at times involve filing a lawsuit. In a personal injury case, which is a civil case, the burden of proof lies with you as the…

21, May, 2021 Read More
Daytona Beach injury lawyer drafting a demand letter for a client
What Is A Demand Letter In A Florida Personal Injury Case?

There are many ins and outs of a Florida personal injury case. From filing an insurance claim to obtaining all the compensation that’s owed to you, there’s no shortage of things to do, questions to answer, and challenges to overcome. As one of the first steps in filing a personal…

14, May, 2021 Read More
car accident deposition
Car Accident Deposition: What You Should Know

Were you recently injured in a car accident in Florida? Did you file an insurance claim? Are you in the process of formulating a strategy for obtaining all the compensation you deserve? There’s a lot that goes into the car accident claims process, with the number of challenges growing as…

07, May, 2021 Read More
child car seat to prevent child injuries in a car accident
Children & Car Accidents: What To Do If Your Child Is Injured

As a parent, your primary concern is protecting your children. Car accidents in Florida are one of the biggest threats. Child safety seats help reduce the risks, but serious personal injuries can still happen. At Zimmet & Zimmet, you can count on us to provide the caring support and professional…

29, April, 2021 Read More
driving in flip flops
Driving in Flip Flops in Florida: Is It Illegal? Is It Safe?

With the weather being relatively warm all year long in Florida, most residents spend most of their time in sandals, flip flops, or even barefoot. As such, it is not uncommon for people to jump into a car and start driving in flip-flops or even barefoot. While flip flops may feel…

21, April, 2021 Read More
woman on the phone after a rental car accident
How To Handle An Out-Of-State Rental Car Accident In Florida

While many destinations within the United States attract a large number of tourists, the state of Florida is always somewhere near the top of the list. In fact, a recent News 6 Orlando article reported “86.714 million visitors to the state during 2020.” As you can see, despite a pandemic,…

16, April, 2021 Read More

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