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The Importance of Seeking Medical Treatment After a Vehicle Accident

The Importance of Seeking Medical Treatment After a Vehicle Accident

After an auto accident, you may want to go home, crawl into bed, and forget the day. However, before doing that, it is recommended that you seek medical treatment. Even if you do not feel injured, you should be evaluated by a doctor or medical professional.

Unfortunately, many people ignore this sound advice – even if it is clear they were injured. This can be a mistake and lead to many issues.

Here you can learn why seeking medical treatment immediately after a Florida auto accident is so important.

Seeking Medical Treatment After a Vehicle Accident

After an accident, you must take steps to protect your health. You may not feel pain immediately, even if you sustained a serious injury.

This does not mean you were not injured.

Many injuries take time to show symptoms, such as whiplash, internal injuries, and even some traumatic brain injuries (TBIs). If you wait to seek treatment, the injuries may worsen and cause more issues for you.

When you go to the emergency room or your primary care physician, you can be evaluated, and tests can be conducted to learn the extent of your injuries. The doctor you see can also help create a treatment plan to help you recover.

Get Immediate Medical Treatment

When first responders arrive at your accident scene, you need to follow the medical advice they provide. Let them examine you and check your vital signs.

If it is recommended you go to the hospital, allow them to take you. At this point (as mentioned above), a doctor can conduct tests to determine the extent of your injuries.

Find Delayed or Hidden Injuries

When you are involved in a high-stress incident, like a car accident, your body’s “fight or flight” response is activated. This response also releases adrenaline throughout your body, which can mask pain and symptoms of injuries. It may be hours or days before you feel the severity of your injuries.

With immediate medical treatment, it is possible to find delayed or hidden injuries. It will also ensure that your condition does not worsen. If these injuries are not treated, they may become life-threatening.

Follow the Treatment Plan You Are Given

After you get medical treatment, your doctor will provide you with a treatment plan. Some of the things this plan may include are the following:

  • Going to follow-up appointments
  • Undergoing surgery or another recommended treatment or procedure
  • Seeking treatment from a physical therapist or specialist
  • Taking prescribed medications

You must follow your doctor’s orders. This can help you regain your strength and recover from the injuries you sustained in your accident.

Protect Your Right to File a Lawsuit

While protecting your health is a priority, when you seek immediate medical treatment after a car accident, you also protect your claim for damages or compensation.

Insurance companies want to protect their bottom line. This means reducing payout or denying claims when possible. If you want to take legal action against the at-fault party, their insurance company will work to discredit your injuries, so they do not have to pay.

You have proof of your injuries’ seriousness when you seek medical treatment.

It is also wise to be cautious about what you say, as your words may be used against you, even if they are taken out of context.

Medical Records Provide Evidence of Your Injuries and Treatment

Your medical records are a crucial piece of evidence if you file a personal injury lawsuit against the at-fault party in your car accident. The records can help show the following:

  • Your medical condition
  • The cost of seeking treatment for your injuries
  • The doctor’s notes related to your health and treatment
  • Diagnostic test results
  • Treatment duration
  • Future medical needs

The medical records created after your accident will provide a solid link between the injuries you sustained and the accident. Your attorney can gather copies of your records from your doctor or the hospital. They can also review the records to ensure there is nothing the insurance company may question.

While the official medical records provided by your doctor or hospital are important, you should also keep a written account of how you feel each day. Include your symptoms, how much pain you feel, and how the injuries have impacted your day-to-day life.

What if You Refuse or Stop Medical Treatment?

If you refuse or stop your medical treatment, the insurance company will have grounds to argue that your injuries are not serious. They may also state that your injuries were caused by a preexisting condition or were caused by something else entirely.

Failing to get any treatment or stopping treatment gives the insurance company the “upper hand” in many cases. You can avoid this by making sure you follow the treatment plan and that you do not stop it until the doctor releases you.

Contact Our Legal Team for Help with Your Auto Accident Claim

If you are involved in a Florida car accident, our legal team at Zimmet & Zimmet is ready to help with your case. We have decades of experience dealing with insurance companies and helping accident victims recover the compensation they are entitled to.

After a car accident, it is not unusual to feel confused and overwhelmed. If you are injured, it makes the difficult situation even worse. We are here to help some of the stress of the situation away by handling the legal process on your behalf.

The first step is contacting our office for a free initial consultation. We can review the facts of your case and create a plan to move forward and help you recover the full compensation you are entitled to.

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