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Premises liability cases involve falls that occur in retails stores, restaurants, apartment buildings, recreational properties and theme parks. Depending on the location and the conditions that caused the fall, serious injuries can – and often do – occur.

Premises Liability in Florida

Property owners have a  legal duty to maintain a safe environment for their employees and their customers. In Florida, the care that a property owner is obligated to depends on the affiliation or connection an injured person has to the property. For example, under Florida law, a property owner is liable if the injuries sustained were caused by a hazard that was known about and not repaired, or known about but lacking the proper warning signs. Determining who is liable requires to skill set of an well versed Florida premises liability attorney.

Dangers and Hazards

Dangerous environments include wet floors, varying elevations on sidewalks, entrances, items obstructing aisles or walkways, and improper lighting. Premises liability cases also include injuries sustained from dog bites and assaults, if they occurred business property.

What You Should Do After Sustaining an Injury

If have sustained an injury on a commercial property, we recommend that you never say anything that would indicate the fall was your fault or due to your own negligence. In addition:

  • Report the incident to management and obtain a copy of the incident report
  • Take pictures of your injuries
  • Get medical treatment so your injuries are documented and treated
  • Keep all receipts for medical treatment, medications and any out of pocket expenses that result from the incident

It is the injured person’s burden of proof to prove that the property was in an unreasonably dangerous condition. Proper testing of surfaces and in depth analysis of multiple building codes are paramount to meeting this burden of proof.

Hiring a Daytona Beach Premises Liability Attorney

An insurance adjuster may try to settle your case before you hire an Daytona Beach premises liability attorney, and before you even know the full extent of the injuries you sustained. If you do not know the full extent of your injuries, you cannot know the value of your case.

At Zimmet & Zimmet, we know your rights and have successfully handled an extensive number of cases involving premises liability over the past 3 decades. We have the experience to investigate the complex issues involved with premises liability cases to ensure you receive the compensation you deserve. Call us today at (386) 255-6400 to schedule a complimentary, no obligation consultation.

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