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Is a ruptured pubic symphysis during childbirth the doctor’s fault?

My pubic bone (specifically my pubic symphysis) and sacroiliac joints both ruptured during childbirth. My doctor told the nurses to push on my legs, which they were doing when I heard a loud pop in my pubic area that caused a lot of pain. They say it will take some time to recover from this tear. Is a ruptured pubic symphysis during childbirth the doctor’s fault?

A:A ruptured or torn pubic symphysis or sacroiliac join is often the result of medical negligence. This type of medical malpractice injury most often occurs in conjunction with shoulder dystocia deliveries. When a baby’s shoulder is stuck in the birth canal, doctors and midwives often put the mother through a series of different positions to help free the baby.

If the doctor or midwife gives incorrect instructions, fails to properly supervise the positions or if the doctor or midwife puts the mother into an incorrect position herself, then injury to the mother can occur. If you or a loved one have suffered this injury, you might not need a Florida medical malpractice lawyer, but before you talk to the insurance adjuster, sign any forms or hire a lawyer, get the free books available at this website.

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