Q&A Urinary Incontinence After Prostate Removal?

Is Urinary Incontinence After Prostate Removal a Result of Negligence?

A: A 55-year-old man required a radical prostatectomy surgery to remove his prostate. However, the surgery left him unable to control his urination. In addition he experienced urine draining from his rectum because a fistula (passageway) had formed connecting his urethra to his rectum.

Medical experts opined that the cause of the rectal drainage was most likely a missed injury during the surgery that allowed urine to move through the stiches in the bladder to the rectum. The fistula was repaired a year later because the surgeon misdiagnosed the drainage as diarrhea and avoided further discussing it.

The repair, however, has left him unable to control his bladder, which could have been avoided if the original injury had been noticed allowing the surgeon to prevent the rectal drainage and subsequent repair.

He also suffers from erectile disfunction and urethra scarring. However, both injuries are known complications of radical prostatectomies and are unactionable in a court of law.