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Q&A Bladder Perforation?

Is Bladder Perforation During Hysterectomy Medical Negligence?

A:Medical experts conclude that the bladder perforation itself is not likely negligence because it is an accepted complication of hysterectomy surgery. Nonetheless, you need to be informed that accidentally cutting a hole in your bladder is a potential complication of hysterectomy.

What would more likely be negligence is if the surgeon failed to notice the bladder perforation and concluded the surgery without calling a urologist to repair the injury. The standard of care calls for bladder perforations to be identified in surgery and repaired while the patient is still under anesthesia.

Bladder perforations are also called cystotomies. These recognized complications of hysterectomies are more common in hysterectomy patients who have had previous surgeries such as myomectomies and c-sections. These complications are also more common in hysterectomies performed through the vagina than through an open surgery.

The repair can either be done vaginally or through an open abdominal surgery. Whichever technique is used, a urologist should be called into the operating room to perform the repair.

Even with proper repair, post-operative complications can occur. Those complications do not necessarily mean the surgeon was negligent. A bad outcome is possible without negligence.

However, if you are suffering or have suffered complications from bladder perforation during hysterectomy that were not identified and corrected during your hysterectomy surgery, then you are much more likely to have been the victim of medical malpractice and a thorough record review should be conducted by a qualified medical negligence lawyer.

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