Q&A Compartment Syndrome?

Q: I had my vasectomy reversed recently, but woke up with compartment syndrome. No complications or any problems at all were noted during the surgery, but I woke up with intense pain and pressure in both my legs. I was cramping below the knee down to my ankles. Doctors diagnosed compartment syndrome and had to perform another surgery – a fasciotomy to fix the terrible swelling in my left leg. The fasciotomy caused me to have a large open wound in my leg for quite a while. Was my vasectomy reversal surgery done negligently?

A: Only a medical expert can say for sure, but it could be that your compartment syndrome was caused by pressure from a surgical restraint belt that was tightened too much over your thighs. Compartment syndrome can happen in any surgery, especially long ones like yours, but your situation definitely merits further exploration to determine if one of your medical providers breached the standard of care and was negligent.