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How do I check to see if my doctor is a criminal?

How do I check to see if my doctor is a criminal?

A:Doctors provide healthcare services that require very high skill level and personal responsibility. In order to avoid a doctor who is more likely than others to commit medical malpractice it is a good idea to inform yourself about the doctor’s background. This includes such matters as the doctor’s education, internship, specialty and whether the doctor has paid malpractice claims. It is also a good idea to know whether or not your doctor has a criminal history. You want to be confident that you can count on your Ormond Beach or Daytona Beach doctor.

The Florida Department of Health provides a great deal of information about health care providers through its Division of Medical Quality Assurance. The Division has a Practitioner Profile available on the web that you can search easily. The Division has a guide at its website which will help you understand the Practitioner Profile.

It is easy to use the Profile. Simply fill in the name of your doctor and search. The results are displayed in a list of doctors who have the same name. This list also indicates the name of the city in which the doctor practices. Click on the license number for your doctor and the doctor’s information will be displayed. There are separate tabs for categories of information: education and training, academic appointments, specialty certification, financial responsibility, proceedings and actions, optional information and license verification. Review the proceedings and actions section to determine whether your doctor has been required to pay a settlement or verdict in a medical malpractice case of greater than $100,000. This section also contains information about whether the doctor has a criminal history.

The Department of Health does not verify all the information in the profile but does verify criminal histories at the time of the initial licensure and then updates criminal histories every two years with a statewide criminal background check.

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