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Doctors & Improper Testing Before Operations?

Doctors found aasymptomatic mass on my lung and tested it twice for cancer. The cytology report said it was malignant, but the pathology report said it was benign. My doctors recommended removal so surgeons cut it out. Now my doctors say the mass was not cancer, that it was caused by an infection. Shouldn’t the doctors have performed more tests to make sure it was cancer before operating on me. All they had was two conflicting tests.

A: In this case, thoracic surgeons generally agree that your scenario was not a result of medical negligence and that operating with conflicting results is not actually uncommon.

On the other hand, if your test results were misread then the pathologist may have been negligent. Strangely enough, in the tests performed on you, infection can be mistaken for cancer. Sometimes those tests report that a mass can be either cancerous or from an infection – in other words, the test is inconclusive and is unable to determine the cause.

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