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What Is An Anticoagulant ?

What Is An Anticoagulant?

A: Anticoagulant medication is medicine that prevents blood clots. Normally, the ability of our blood to clot is a very important defense against bleeding to death. When we are cut, our blood thickens to for a clot and stop the bleeding.

However, clots that form inside our viens or arteries can be deadly. Vienous clots can cause heart attack, stroke or embolism to name a few of the most deadly conditions.

Some examples of anti-coagulants are Coumadin, ASA, Plavix, and Heparin. If you have been taking blood thinning medicine or anticoagulants and a new doctor fails to advise you to continue, please speak up and ask that doctor why. If they do not give a satisfying answer or are unavailable, speak with the doctor who originally prescribed it or any other doctor who is available.

Discontinuing anticoagulants inappropriately can lead to serious illness and death. Doctors make mistakes and are fallible. No one knows your health like you. Question any decisions that don’t feel right to you.

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