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Why Do I Have To Sign a Notice From My Insurance Company Turning Down Uninsured Motorist Coverage? Does this mean you cant buy UM?

Why Do I Have To Sign a Notice From My Insurance Company Turning Down Uninsured Motorist Coverage? Does this mean you cant buy UM?

A: The Florida Legislature passed a law many years ago requiring that insurance companies advise you of your right to underinsured/uninsured motorist coverage when buy your automobile liability insurance. This type of coverage is referred to as “UM.” A UM policy is insurance that you buy that covers you in the amount of your normal liability policy in the event you are injured by a driver who either does not have insurance or does not have enough insurance coverage to pay you for your injury and medical expenses incurred in an accident. The Florida Legislature long ago decided that it would not require Florida drivers to purchase bodily injury liability insurance to pay for their negligence in injuring other drivers. We believe this is a major mistake and does not protect the Florida driving public. Nonetheless, it is the law.

Because there are so many drivers without adequate insurance on the Florida highways, the legislature requires the insurance company to notify you of your right to obtain UM coverage and they must do so in writing. Therefore, your insurance company will ask you to sign a paper acknowledging that you have been notified of your rights by the company and declining the insurance if you wish to do so. We strongly recommend that you purchase UM coverage when you buy your auto insurance coverage.

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