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How Do I Make My Car Accident Worth a Million Dollars?

How Do I Make My Car Accident Worth a Million Dollars?

A: This is actually the type of question we get often in our car accident practice. Our clients want to know how much money they should get from the driver who caused the accident. Of course, it is different from one case to the next and no case is the same. However, the short answer is bad news. Your case is worth more if you have been seriously injured. The more serious your injuries, the more your case is worth and the more the insurance company for the other driver should pay. That is bad news, of course, because so far in my 36 years of being a lawyer I have yet to meet somebody who wants to be seriously injured. Our clients always choose health over money.

Sometimes when I tell clients the good news that they are not seriously injured and their case is not worth a lot of money, they will say, “Well what about the fact that the other driver caused the accident?” Our judicial system is simply not set up to give large sums of money to people who have been in accidents just because the other driver is at fault. In fact, in Florida we have an insurance system in place that provides for payment of up to $10,000.00 worth of medical expenses from your own insurance even if you are not at fault. So, I tell our clients, just because the other driver is at fault does not mean the insurance company should pay them a lot of money. The driver’s carelessness or negligence must cause injury.

The more serious the injury the more money should be paid. This is because more serious injuries require much more medical care and expense and are much more likely to cause permanent and terrible pain and a drastic change in the quality of your life. It is good news that your case is worth only a little bit because you will not have to spend a long time in the hospital, you will not need medical care for the rest of your life and you will be able to continue leading a normal life without disabilities. However, if you are seriously injured, you should be compensated for your medical expenses, for your pain and for the change in the quality of your life.

We hope you will not need us to help you with serious injuries but if you do, we have a great deal of information available for you including our free book on injury cases, “the Five Deadly Mistakes that Can Wreck Your Florida Injury Claim.” You can order on our website or by calling us at (386) 255-6400.

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