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Crash a rental? What are your rights?

crash rental

Many people don’t consider the legal or financial consequences of crashing a rental car, but it is important to understand what happens in these kinds of accidents. A renter has certain obligations and rights outlined in their rental agreement. Depending on the situation, a renter may face significant financial obligations if they crash a rental car. A Daytona auto accident attorney can help a driver navigate the situation.

The Importance of Insurance

In almost all types of car accidents, including those involving a rental, payment and lawsuits are aimed primarily at insurance companies, not individual drivers. If an accident is not your fault, then the other driver will be responsible for paying damages, assuming they have insurance.

Things get more complicated if you are the one at fault. While some types of personal insurance may cover you, it is important to determine if your particular policy follows you, or if it applies only to vehicles listed on your policy. If coverage applies only to vehicles, then your policy will not cover anything related to a rental accident. For this reason, most rental companies request customers purchase temporary coverage for the rental term. This minimal extra expense can save you a major headache should an accident occur.

Liability Toward the Rental Company

A renter assumes primary responsibility for the vehicle they are renting. This means that if the vehicle is damaged in an accident with another car or object, any reimbursement for that accident must go the rental company. This often includes deductible payments that are required as part of an insurance claim. If for some reason insurance does not cover all of the damages, a driver may be liable for any remainder.

Since this payment is primarily between the renter and the rental company, a lawsuit may be involved. This is especially true if there is disagreement about the amount owed or what damages have been covered by insurance. Both parties are bound to whatever the rental agreement states, but that doesn’t mean rental companies won’t attempt to get more money. A car accident attorney Palm Coast may help with litigation.

Use of an Attorney

Using a Daytona personal injury attorney is important. While many cases may be settled out of court, legal advice may help a driver determine a fair settlement offer and understand the complex legal jargon usually included in rental contracts. If a case does end up in court, it is even more important to have legal representation and a strong presentation of evidence.
Zimmet & Zimmet lawyers are here to help with your rental accident and personal injury claims. You don’t have to face an car accident lawsuit on your own. If you crash a rental, don’t hesitate to get help.

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