The Most Dangerous Dog Breeds

No matter how much you love dogs, there is always the possibility that one will become scared or aggressive and lash out. There are many behaviors you can demonstrate to prevent this, but it can also be helpful to know which breeds lead to the nearly five million occurrences that happen every year. Here are the most common breeds that bite, according to a 32-year study that took over five thousand incidents into account.

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Injured Child

Dealing with an Injured Child

There’s nothing that strikes fear into the heart of a parent like an injured child. Whether a parent is present when their child is hurt or whether they hear about it hours after the fact, most parents will feel a shot of adrenaline, their minds can go blank, and nothing in the world seems more important than making that child well again. During the early hours after the injury, especially, it can be very difficult to focus on anything other than the child’s direct needs, keeping the child calm, and doing everything possible to obtain needed medical care.

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