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What To Do If Your Deltona Car Accident Resulted a in Pelvic Fracture?

What To Do If Your Deltona Car Accident Resulted a in Pelvic Fracture?

Car accidents in Deltona can be extremely dangerous, and often cause serious injuries. Of all injuries that you could sustain, a pelvic fracture could have an extensive impact on your life, family and livelihood.
The human pelvis is made up of five bones: the sacrum, ilium, coccyx, pubis, and ischium. This circular bone structure supports and protects the organs inside your body.
A pelvic fracture is any break, fracture or other damage that involves one or more of these pelvic bones.

Depending on which part of the pelvis was damaged, the symptoms and signs of a pelvic fracture may vary. Common symptoms include:

Your injuries may be life-threatening if your pelvic fracture was caused by a high speed car accident.

Symptoms of a pelvic fracture vary depending on its severity. The most vital thing to do right away is see a doctor or medical professional to document the onset of any discomfort after a car accident. After that, contact an experienced Deltona car accident attorney.

Dealing with a pelvic fracture caused by a Florida car accident can be devastating for your health, finances, resources and loved ones. If you or a family member has fallen victim to a pelvic fracture due to a Florida car crash, contact Zimmet & Zimmet.

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